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Preplanned Life Story or Autobituary

Have the last word; write your own Autobituary and bring what matters to life

Everyone has a story and no one wants to think about telling it before they die. However, it is wise to preplan your life story (autobituary). Your autobituary will commemorate your life by summarizing it with things you want others to know about you that only you know, your loves and likes, the details of what you enjoy doing, your hobbies, your passions, etc.


This selfless act of planning and preparation leaves behind a clear understanding of your final wishes during a time of extreme grief and loss for your loved ones. For you, there is a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind knowing:


  1. That you cared enough to plan and prepare for something you knew would be very difficult for your loved ones to handle upon your passing.

  2. That you left a loving memory of how much you loved and cared for them by preparing your autobituary ahead of time.

  3. That, by minimizing or perhaps eliminating this aspect of the funeral process, it allowed your loved ones to focus on planning your special memorial service and end-of-life celebration, in turn relieving them of one difficult thing they will have to complete upon your passing.



"Writing your own Autobituary: a chance to reflect, get it right."



Your autobituary should be a celebration of your life – something to remember who you were and the life that you lived! Preplanning gives you the time needed to write your Autobituary. Preplanning your autobituary is a caring, thoughtful act that makes sense and ensures that your wishes will be honored. You provide a glimpse of your personality, lifestyle, tastes, unique interests, the things you loved and enjoyed - all of the things necessary to create a beautiful program when the time comes, for use by your appreciative loved ones.


Lasting M’Pressions offers you the opportunity to preplan and customize your autobituary right now by accurately capturing a preview of your life. We help you make it a celebration of you, your accomplishments, and the lives you have touched. We also offer to have your funeral program custom-designed ahead of time if you so choose. The memory of you will continue on as long as your story is told.

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