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Immediate Need Funeral Programs

Lasting M'Pressions provides immediate need funeral programs. From personal experience, we understand how difficult it can be to create a funeral program when you have just lost your loved one. Let us do it for you.
Lasting M’Pressions will capture the highlights of your loved one's life and pay tribute to them with a uniquely designed funeral program that will be a 'lasting impression' of your loved one in a genuine, memorable way. Their funeral program will be one that respects and pays homage to your loved one resulting in a personal keepsake for you and funeral attendees.
Our funeral programs are simple yet unique and allow you to preserve the memory of your loved one in an elegant manner. We offer funeral programs of various sizes and layouts.
There may be times when some family and friends are not able to attend the funeral of their loved ones. While we offer hard copy versions of the programs, we also offer a digitized version. If you would like digitized program information, please inquire and we will be happy to provide more information. You can view digitized versions of funeral programs we created in our digital portfolio.
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