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Thank you Cards

Though not always expected, it is a nice gesture to send a thank you card. It shows your gratitude to people who have been there for you during your difficult time of mourning. Let Lasting M'Pressions create a personalized thank you card for you to send to those who were there for you. All that will be left for you to do is address the envelopes and send them.

Thank you cards should be sent as soon as possible even though most people will understand if they don't receive one within a short time after the funeral. There isn't a designated time limit on when to send them but they are usually sent within a month or two after the funeral. Having personalized thank you cards prepared and ready to send will make it easier to get that “just one more thing to do” after the funeral is completed.

Our standard thank you card size is 4.25 x 5.5. You will receive them pre-folded with envelopes ready for addressing. Your thank you card will be a caring finishing touch to your loved one’s funeral.

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