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We Offer Full-Service Design and Printing for Your Funeral Needs

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Death is often an unexpected occurrence filled with emotions and stress. Each day, someone somewhere is tasked with planning a funeral for their loved one at a time filled with heartache and sorrow. When struggling to cope with that loss, making the most efficient and rational decisions in a timely manner can be extremely difficult.


The funeral program is one of the most integral parts of the funeral process. It 1) summarizes your loved one's life; 2) outlines the events of the Service, letting others know when and where Services will be held; 3) is provided for funeral attendees as a final keepsake.


Our goal at Lasting M'Pressions is to assist you with making this process a little smoother by creating a beautiful funeral program for your loved one, alleviating that stressful aspect of planning while you deal with your loss.


Additionally, we also provide assistance with developing your preplanned life story or autobituary ahead of time. Life has always involved planning and those who plan ahead have always benefited. It makes sense for you and those you love to plan for what is inevitable.


We specialize in:

  • Immediate need funeral programs

  • Preplanned life story or autobituary

  • Thank you cards

  • Bookmarks

  • Memorial and prayer cards


Our services are provided with a personal touch!

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